BF 1942: Forgotten Hope "Lost Village" Tonight Event!

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BF 1942: Forgotten Hope "Lost Village" Tonight Event!

Post by buschhans » Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:31 am

BF 1942: "Forgotten Hope" Mod Mappack Event/ "Lost Village"

Hi, ALL FH-fans we want to invite you!


We all hope on PFC that you have downloaded and installed the new game interface!

For all you fans out there we are giving you a Winter special Event Series, and we start with

The Lost Villages!

The Event is on SUNDAY 10 November 2013


19.00 gmt + 1

Pixel Fighter Server IP: : 14567

[instruction for use]

Request the Game:

- Battlefield 1942 or BF 1942 Origin.
- Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod 3parts ~ 620MB or The FH Origin 0.7
- Win7 compatibility fix from Pixel Fighter
- Download the 5 requesting maps.

German BF 1942 / BF2 Mod/News/update/play community:

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