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Post by Cptjacktheripper » Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:45 pm

Hi this is CptJacktheripper from Combat Zone Mercenaries (CZM) as some of you already know me.

I have visited several sites that help the BF3 gaming community with tournaments, ladder matches, scrim matches, and other sites that provide tips and tricks including videos on youtube. Some of these sites are hard to find, some aren't really user friendly or helpful, or they don't have active people on there anymore. Solution! Here is what I have been working on to improve BF3 gaming community in all of these areas.

I have started networking with some sites trying to be middle man to connect some of the most popular sites. One site provides tournaments along with the man power to moderate and make sure it stays cheat free and fun for all. Another site helps clans find scrims and players who don't have clans find a clan that plays competitively whether its casual play or at a professional competitive level. My website is the third which is working closely with the best of the best players to provide training for players who don't play at the level they desire which is . These players have high score per minutes and either play at a competitive level or could play at a competitive level. These players have begun offering to train others.

Are you or your clan members interested in playing in tournaments, ladder matches, or scrims? Or how about showing off their skills to others or becoming a better player?

If yes, please schedule a time that I can come into your Teamspeak 3 or other VIOP you use to discuss with the appropriate person. I would like to share how you can participate and improve the BF3 gaming community for yourself, clan and others easily and at the same time.

Thanks for your consideration

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